The company will begin estimating local carbon pollution from cities around the world. 2011 View. Rising awareness regarding maintaining healthy lifestyle is expected to promote the demand for white tea. Part of the additional income from value added export must be used to. 144 0 obj <> endobj • All figures are provisional and subject to audit. A close examination of FOB/export prices would reveal that they range from Rs 600 to over Rs 2,000 per Kilo. %%EOF • The results of the Company are not subject to any seasonality or cyclical changes. Return to the earlier page. The outcome of this is our commitment to addressing inequality, and wider social and environmental concerns as a part of our core business philosophy. 367 350 5 Company owned laboratory collection centres No. Show Thumbnails. Considering present circumstances caused by COVID-19, I am inclined to skip a final dividend however, I am declaring a token dividend of Rs 5/- per share for 2019/20. Your company is founded on integrity and quality. 2010 - 01 View. Go to the next page. The Dilmah brand is built on tradition in tea, as many of those traditions are what make Ceylon Tea unique. All rights reserved | Designed & Developed by Web Based Business Systems. Name change of the company was advised at the last Annual … For this study, Grand View Research has segmented the global white tea market report based on product, application, and region: 1.98 billion, pre-tax profit up 17% to Rs. When I became aware of this move, I pointed out to the government that our export markets are supplied with our traditional, orthodox tea at premium prices hence, we should not even consider CTC manufacture. From Annual Report 2019/2020 - Financial Year ending March 31, 2020. Dilmah is available in many countries, however all varieties of our teas are not available everywhere. 2015 View. Dilmah, a Sri Lankan family tea company, with a market presence in over a hundred countries, announced its complete carbon neutral status for its products, early this year. endstream endobj 145 0 obj <> endobj 146 0 obj <>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 147 0 obj <>stream Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company PLC | Annual Report 2019/20 1 A Cup of Kindness More than anything at Dilmah, we believe in being kind, and kindness is at the heart of everything we do. Dilmah pioneered the concept of Single Origin Tea in 1988 when the family company went against industry trends to declare its commitment to authenticity. Its other sales include bulk tea and other value added teas. Million 363 657 (45) No. I thank my colleagues on the Board for their advice and guidance; our staff for their commitment and loyalty, our global distributors, their families and staff for their untiring efforts and cooperation; our customers for becoming Dilmah tea lovers. �(��=��7��X"�A�Jq$�$&�b`bd��@�I�g�` �� ! Click on this icon to view all the thumbnails and click back to hide them again. I am pleased to present the Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements of Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company PLC for the year ended 31st March 2020. h�bbd``b`z $3@���\ $T? 1.56 billion. 0 ���E��`�B�.� 2016 View. The Rs 10 per share has now become .50 cents via script shares, is Rs 531 in the CSE, reflecting a value of 531,000, such is the power of Ceylon tea in the hands of committed investors in the industry. 2010 - 02 View. Tea Crop and Tea Prices . It is likely to decline further to 200 Million Kgs in 2020 this year. 2014 View. 159 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<046F1763434212469D833CBC4F255F00><32FEAE0473610141AF619C27F544421B>]/Index[144 27]/Info 143 0 R/Length 79/Prev 244619/Root 145 0 R/Size 171/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Collection of teas that is the result of a life time devoted to tea. Report Overview. Amidst the terrible loss of life, this enforced retreat is a time for mankind to review the past, forgive and repent for wrong doings perhaps, through greed, envy, jealousy and selfishness, in preparation for a more tolerant and happier life in a better world. Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company . 2017 View. Click at the bottom right corner of each page or anywhere along the right edge to flip each page. Million 4,489 4,520 (1) CAPEX Rs. The Report covers the operations of Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company PLC (“DCTC”) and its subsidiary MJF Beverages (Private) Limited (collectively referred to as the “Group”) for the period from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019. Garden fresh, unblended tea is a hallmark of Dilmah and offers a unique taste of unblended Ceylon Tea packed at source. Bulk tea exports should be discouraged and value added exports should be generously incentivized for the social and economic benefit they bring. Garden fresh, unblended tea is a hallmark of Dilmah and offers a unique taste of unblended Ceylon Tea packed at source. �¦2!��X��u)��cj�m�ZEP�*2w���I(����������?O�ɹ�,�=��λ�$� � @Ŕiٹ`\���m����M��� l��|����m�h�� ���75.��m���Q�h��� ��4��;���@����h��g�0ϣ~�����=��_�h���h?G�5G-���I�b�L�ki�{k���ޠ[FӒ�e�~�+|�iiC�'���@}F�T�2x5H����͟��H7��O!�v�Q�A��.$������UW�\��P��Wi5���@�0.��0�a��8_@?�8P�6H��tc\��4����DW�Ȇ�6�O+�A���Ck>y���0�Fw���Ȭ�;P Ͱ>A�$��/�V� &�����@��0ja< Ϡ���