Most vessels are Single Station - one helm and control station. BayStar Series Hydraulic Steering Kit with 20' Hoses by Sierra®. The helm pump (at the other end) is just the fluid “pumper” and does not carry the load except while actually turning the rudder. Large diameter steering wheels give the operator more leverage to overcome higher pressures within the system and usually require less turns lock-to-lock overall…, Here is where you will see major differences in what is used or can be used in hydraulic steering installations. Uflex, Hydraulic Steering Kit, Hyco 1.0, for Outboards, incl. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Be creative when designing a very solid ram mounting when angles and mounting surfaces are out of the norm. Hydraulic steering uses a column of incompressible fluid to move a steering arm instead of cables. These are the boating equivalent of power steering and allow for easy, precise control. Boat Hydraulic Steering Dual Station Fittings. Brand New. Think of it like a longer wrench when trying to get a bolt tight, or loose. In this video I install a HyDrive hydraulic steering unit in a boat. If you only have room for a small diameter steering wheel, then in most cases, you will need more turns lock-to-lock to compensate for the decreased leverage you have turning the wheel. In the past, Wagner was the accepted standard for pump designs on vessels up to about 100FT. Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Boat Hydraulic Steering at the official West Marine online store. Hydraulic steering systems are very commonly found on the market, and they are suitable for larger, faster boats. Lost Motion - This simple to install system uses two kits, one fitted to the engine and one to the gearbox, two single lever, dual function control heads and four quality control cables. The operator, typically, never knows the difference until something back by the rudder breaks.. Sized right though, power assisted steering is sometimes the only practical choice when the operator wants 2-4 turns lock-to-lock and needs a small diameter steering wheel. $934.08 $ 934. This offers large or high-powered vessels a smooth, lightweight feel when turning the steering wheel. Shown above is the correct layout or geometry of the ram to rudder relationship IF you were using a 7” stroke ram and needed a total rudder arc of 70 degrees. Check out our selection of boat steering systems for amazing deals on rotary steering cable steering systems, rack and pinion boat steering systems, Ezy-Stik II steering systems, and more. Hydraulic Steering. FREE Shipping. Tie Bar is NOT included. Once you get above that , 3.5 cu in to 6 cu in, then 1/2″ I.D. Privacy Policy and The hydraulic steering kit is recommended for cruisers, runabouts, center console boats, offshore fishing boats, and many others. This allow for an easier fill, adds more fluid for the system (in case you develop a leak) and will give you a “visual” of the level.. Arleigh Group has been supplying the leisure industry for over 50 years. You can usually put a used system together for under $1000. I also need to mention that with passive steering you have both pressurized 3-line systems and non-pressurized 2-line systems.. 110% WRONG !! Try to use as few 90 degree fittings on the pressure side and keep line sizes as large an I.D. Think about it—you just went through 7 x 360 degrees of helm pump rotation (2520 total rotational degrees) , but the rudder only rotated 70 degrees of total arc; hence a 36:1 ratio, “on paper”(we’ll get to that later) between you (the steering wheel) and the rudder. SIERRA HH6491 Steering … Yes, you probably already understand hydraulic steering, but I think I may look at hydraulic steering a tad different than most do. - Bennett Hydraulic Trim Tab Kits - Boats Over 5m - Bennett Electric Trim Tab Kits - Trailer Boats ... Side Mount Suits Most Single Outboards up to 135hp or Dual Counter-rotating outboards up to 250HP (COMKIT-SPORT) ... Deluxe Australian Made Complete Hydraulic Steering Kit - with Bronze, Brass and Stainless Steel Cylinder.. In boating, there are typically three stylesof boat steering systems: rack and pinion, rotary, and hydraulic.Each steering system is built with different advantages that cater to a variety of boat and engine applications. BayStar™ hydraulic steering is brought to you by the manufacturers of SeaStar®, the most trusted name in pleasure boat steering. VAT No. two helm and control stations. I hope this helps, and now that you know the “basics,” feel free to contact us for some “one-on-one” if you are contemplating going hydraulic or need to upgrade an older system. It all comes down to “balance” of your components to yield what is right for your particular needs. GB 844 292614. C $743.44. Your arm is (maybe) 1/20 of a HP, so you can see that 1 HP is all you should need. Inside the pump, most designs employ a multiple piston pump on an angled squash plate. Using a 45 or 90 degree adapter on the back will also work. Mounting the ram in such a way so you never experience a rudder FOLD-OVER requires that you incorporate the proper mounting offset angle as it relates to the ram to tiller geometry. Usually “aesthetics” is the basis to decide what type of steering wheel one chooses.. I’ll start with the COMPONENTS that make up a typical hydraulic steering system…. Call it “LEVERAGE”. But, having a “bottle” of hydraulic steering fluid hooked up to your system is not always an aesthetic or practical thing to have on many vessels. Hydraulic system makes steering effortless compared to mechanical steering systems Ideal for cruisers, runabouts, center console boats, offshore fishing boats, and many more applications Allows independent engine tilt in dual engine installation Fisheries Supply offers a variety of either hydraulic steering kits or marine hydraulic steering parts from trusted brands like SeaStar Solutions, U-Flex and Hynautic.Tired of struggling with your wheel in … You must also be careful about using any type of brass fittings that are not rated for working pressures of at least 1000 PSI, and are robust in wall thickness especially with internal threads. Or maybe you'd just like to know how to maintain your factory-installed system. This allows “tuning of the system” for either easier steering effort (more turns L to L) or faster steering (less turns L to L — increased steering effort). (maybe a 7-9” radius) with a “brodie knob,” and installed “bus like” or somewhat on a flat or tilted position in a boat, can do a great job making 6-10 turns lock-to-lock seem simple. Please upgrade your browser. 11-1/2, Vulkan Vulkardan-E Coupling (2K3411S020) SAE No. System selection, installation and service is substantially simplified with just three major components – … Refrigeration copper is always a good choice if you know how to work with it.. Sch 40 SS piping or epoxy/plastic coated “gas piping” is also great when we get into 50+ ft vessels. Sea Star Solutions is the steering leader worldwide with the following brand names. FREE Shipping by Amazon. By submitting your details you consent to our Privacy Policy. Aluminum has no place in Hydraulic Steering RAM construction except (maybe) for fresh water use and super light duty applications. Hydraulic Dos and Donts. The first is generally inside the cabin, and the second often located on the flybridge of pleasure boats, ... Dual Station Kits are the components needed to link up and to control an engine from two positions. With our all you need kit and this video you can easily install our hydraulic steering. A typical hydraulic steering system on a 50-60 Ft and under vessel only needs about 1 HP or less to do the job.. Always think heavy duty when mounting the ram to the vessel, spreading the “Push & Pull” loads between the rudder shaft and vessel framing is always best. (609051, 609052 and 609056 (609053 optional)). Most smaller “production boats ( from 18 ft outboard powered boats to 40 ft lower cost diesel powered boats) usually employ common type brass pipe and tubing compression type tubing fittings and un-reinforced thermoplastic hose. Hydraulic systems are found on many ocean-going boats and are becoming a more popular upgrade for smaller boats. In just about all cases, with power steering, you have less turns lock to lock and the steering effort or “rim force” ( we’ll talk about that term later) is reduced, and many times, to a “finger force” steering effort. The external rams help lessen the load on the Sterndrive Gimbal housing by evenly distributing engine torque. For a general background on what's involved in hydraulic steering systems, we'll discuss the BayStar system from SeaStar Solutions , for single engines up to 150 hp. Terms of Service apply. You might even consider a remote non- pressurized reservoir that is the “high point” of the system. The first is generally inside the cabin, and the second often located on the flybridge of pleasure boats, or near the working location of commercial... Sign up for the latest offers, product news, technical advice and more. Most vessels are Single Station - one helm and control station. Since my approx 36 years experience with hydraulic steering is generally on vessels under 90 ft in length (ZERO Mega Yachts), let’s look at my input as being applicable to boats in that size (& price) range. Uses a series of valves, hoses and hydraulic fluid to move the boat in the desired direction. SeaStar Solutions SSC13412, 12 Feet Rack Steering Cable, for Back Mount Rack System. But with that, they added something that most don’t know.. Usually a much higher steering effort because of an added complexity of more lines and valves.. Comes down to internal friction that is created when pushing fluid through hose, pipes and fittings.. Maybe you just bought a new boat with an old hydraulic steering system already installed, but you'd like to upgrade it. With power steering you have a 2nd hydraulic pump that is driven by an external power source (an engine or electric motor, not just your arm), and through a series shuttles block or pilot operated valves, hoses, etc, the output of this secondary pump is fed into the steering system to SUPPLEMENT the mechanical or “arm driven” passive helm pump. Hydraulic Steering for Boats. Other dominant names are Teleflex / Capilano, Hynautic, Jastram, Vetus (mostly Italian made systems), LS (French made), Seafirst (Korean) and a few others. The BayStar kit is perfect, due to … But this increased mechanical advantage does come with an additional price—Added input power is needed (typically ½-3 HP) which equals a small increase in fuel consumption, along with the added expense and additional equipment needed to make it all work & maintain. The BayStar steering system consists of a super low friction helm for smooth comfortable steering, a balanced cylinder–featuring a compact design that fits most splashwells, two bottles of hydraulic steering fluid, and one fill tube for easy fill and purge.BayStar is not recommended in app lications with high steering effort (i.e. 98. Requires one slave control to be connected to one master control, which is then connected to the engine and gearbox. The SeaStar Steering Kit is intended for use with single and dual non-power assisted outboard engines up to 350 HP, or 700 combined HP for counter-rotating duals that have ABYC standard engine tilt lube. And make steering easier, more controlled and more comfortable for the pilot. Net result: less leverage, but faster steering and in some cases, better low speed control because of the increased rudder angle. - Shop Clearance. For 2021, my choice for the best boat steering kit is from Dometic BayStar Hydraulic Steering. $6.98 shipping. Note that the tiller arm length is about 2” less. The gear unit is then linked to a changeover unit. The H-21 helm is a heavy-duty three-line helm used in Hynautic big boat systems. Generally speaking, it is recommended to use external power steering on boats which run in excess of 70 MPH, however there are some boats that run 60 MPH that would benefit from the use of external power steering. It’s so prevalent in the boating industry that it’s just an accepted thing like “that’s just the way it is” when you don’t have power steering…. The internal & external size of a ram is measured in a few ways—Common terms: When we talk about a helm pump, we must also talk about both passive and power steering as that is the part of the system that interacts most with YOU and the rest of the steering system. | Cookies Policy These are linked to engine/gearbox and control head by seven cables. | Sitemap If you have the opportunity to put together a hydraulic steering system for your boat. For helm pumps in the 1.5 to 3 cu-in per revolution size range, 5/16″ or 3/8″ ID lines are best. Get it as soon as Mon, Feb 8. Hydraulic assisted steering (1) Seastar Hydraulic Power Steering (2) Electronic (5) Hypnautic (1) Carbon Nautica Twin steering wheels wheel. x 33 ft.), USCG Approved Engine & Gear Hydraulic Hoses, USCG Approved High Pressure Hydraulic Oil Lines, SMX Bronze Freshwater Flush Cap for Groco ARG Series Strainers, Bronze Tee Adapter for Freshwater Flush System, Military Style Top Post Battery Terminals, Heavy Duty Marine Grade 316L Stainless Steel Washers, Cummins Marine Diamond Performance Series Engine Sticker, ZF Marine Transmission Sales & Current Inventory, ZF 45-85 A/IV Shift & Troll Cable Bracket, ZF Marine Transmission Oil Drain Line Kit, Centa CF-R High Inertia Torsional Coupling for ZF 63A/IV 80A/IV 85A/IV, Heavy Duty Suredrive™ Coupling for Borg Warner & ZF 25 thru 220 Transmissions, Heavy Duty Suredrive™ Coupling for ZF 301 & ZF 302 VLD/IV with Vulkan L Couplings, Vulkan Torflex 1000 Coupling / Damper Plate for ZF 220A, Centa CF/DS 30 Torsional Coupling ZF 220A/V, Centa CF-R Torsional Coupling ZF 285 286 A/IV, Vulkan Torflex Coupling ZF 280 Series Kit, Marine Torsional Flex Plate (Velvet Drive, SAE 11.5), Vulkan Vulkardan-E Coupling (2K4011S036) SAE No. The ram is really the key part or “foundation” of the steering system (in so many words, the “RAM” carries the load). Believe it or not, most people do not completely understand the full role of how the steering wheel (its diameter and placement) plays into how the steering system works. With power steering, pressures are usually higher and can play havoc with a ram if undersized. In a pressurized 3-line system, you typically have between 15 & 25 PSI at all times in the reservoir, “third line and the low pressure side of the pump. Sold as seen in pictures. Steering wheel or RIM force becomes uncomfortable much above 5-8 lbs, so sizing the ram to keep pressures low means less rim force or effort to turn the steering wheel…. “Too FAST” means line sizes are too small and or / and pump capacity is oversized— Both inter-react and both cause noise and heat, besides sucking up power from the engine. 40' Hose, <150 HP © 2021 Arleigh Group We offer three types of Dual Station configuration: Seaboard Marine delivers “Guaranteed Better Than Factory” Performance, Parts, Design, and Engineering for Cummins and other Marine Diesel applications. On boats, hydraulic steering is usually used with mid-to-high horsepower outboard motors. Flexible Shaft Coupling Earthing Connectors, Flexible Shaft Coupling Spares & Accessories, Right Angle Prefocus Bulbs (Golight Bulbs). In many cases, the wheel axle is part of the pump, so leaning your weight on it can actually cause fluid leaks. This will prevent over-stressing the components of the steering system and will always allow enough mechanical leverage to have a completely “safe” setup. Assembly should be done using high quality pipe dopes, Anaerobic sealants, & sometimes even epoxy compounds specifically made to withstand petroleum based liquids and are designed for pressures of more than 2000 PSI. More Buying Choices $119.35 (14 new offers) Below is the same ram setup if you wanted a 90 degree rudder, or a 45 degree swing to either side. As to selecting a RAM as to its base quality, to us this is a no-brainer.. Brass, Bronze, and Stainless Steels alloys are the only acceptable materials that should be used for the construction of any RAM that even gets close to saltwater, or is used on any type of vessel larger than a run-about . Using Epoxy and stainless steel there are lots of solutions. In power steering systems, hydraulic noise is from the hydraulic fluid being pushed too hard and too fast.. Too “HARD” comes from too high of pressures in the system meaning that the ram is undersized or the pump is too large causing the relief valve is continuously by-pass. Boat owners coming from cable steering may want to lean on the wheel, but thats a bad idea with hydraulic steering. We speak the language of marine hydraulic steering very well…. Lighter viscosity fluids just about always make for easier steering.. ATF (Dextron) works well in some systems, but if thinned down to about ISO 15 (using very clean #2 diesel — about 3 parts ATF and 1 part #2) you have a very inexpensive, proven steering fluid that will never give you issues when using the system designed around light oils (Hynautic, Wagner, Seastar, and some others). When using aluminum and brass, always use a piece of hard non-metallic material in between the two metals w/ plenty of grease on all surfaces when putting it all together, then 10-15 years down the road, things will still be nice if you have to take something apart. Dual Bravo Dual Ram Add-On External Hydraulic Steering System. 14, Vulkan Vulkardan-E Coupling (2K4011S041) SAE No. Regular price $245.00 $154.00 Sale. We have discount boat steering systems made by Teleflex, Utech, and other top marine manufacturers. as practical. $127.32 $ 127. All of these manufacturers employ some unique designs and all have, what we feel, are both good & not so good, features that would lead us to choose one particular Helm Pump over another for an specific application. This BSA fitting kit is for dual cylinder installations. 08. I will also touch on more items that can really make your steering feel “easy and light” (non-power steering). Once the rudder is static, regardless of its actual position, the ram and steering lines (up to the check valves in the helm pump) are carrying the load, or pressures, developed in the system (the rudder is always being pushed, one way or another, from the vessel movement and / or water movement around or past it.. It’s well worth it in my opinion! Kobelt manufactures a range designed especially for this system, but it may be possible to use Morse single function levers with good quality control cables. 14, ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#3 for 45A, 63A, 63IV, ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#3 for 80A, 85A, 85IV, ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#3 for ZF 220A, ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#3 CAT Engine for ZF 220A, ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#3 for ZF 280A/IV, ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#3 for ZF 285A/IV & ZF 286A/IV, Transmission Adapter Plate to Bellhousing Bolt Hardware Kit, SMX Transmission Spacer for Borg Warner Velvet Drive, ZF Marine Mechanical ATF Series Shift & Troll Valve, ZF Marine Electronic ATF Series Shift & Troll Valve, ZF Marine Electric EB15 Shift Valve with Trolling Valve, ZF Marine Mechanical Trolling Valve (ZF 280+), ZF 220 Marine Mechanical Trolling Valve Kit, ZF ATF 63 A/IV 85 A/IV Electronic Progressive Shift Solenoid, ZF ATF 63 A/IV 85 A/IV Electronic Shift Solenoid, ZF EB15 Electronic Shift Solenoid (TROLL), ZF EB30/31 Electronic Shift Solenoid Coil, ZF ATF 63 A/IV 85 A/IV Electronic Troll Valve Coil, ZF Electronic Shift Solenoid Wire Plug/Cap, SMX Marine Transmission Drop in Screen Filter 45/63/68/80/85 A/IV Series “ATF”, Fleetguard LF701 Lube Filter for ZF Gears, Genuine ZF Marine Oil Filter Transmission (3213308019), ZF Marine 25A, 45A, 63A/IV, 80A/IV Input Shaft Seal, ZF Marine 63IV Inner (Small) Output Shaft Seal, ZF Marine 63IV Outer (Large) Output Shaft Seal, ZF Marine 80IV/85IV Inner (Small) Output Shaft Seal, ZF Marine 80IV/85IV Outer (Large) Output Shaft Seal, ZF 63A/IV 68A/IV 80A 85A SMX Marine Transmission Mounting Brackets, ZF 85IV SMX Marine Transmission Mounting Brackets, ZF 220A SMX Marine Transmission Mounting Brackets, ZF 280A & ZF 280-1 SMX Marine Transmission Mounting Brackets, ZF Marine 220 / 220A Replacement Oil Pump, ZF Marine 286A / 286IV Replacement Oil Pump, Cummins Marine Engine Warranty Information, Marine 316L SS 4 inch Pipe (4.5″ OD) 90 Degree Elbow, “Marine Age” the REAL age of a Marine Diesel Engine, Propellers Move Boats, Engines Just Turn Them, Everything you Need to Know About Marine Exhaust Systems, Continuous Duty – A Different Perspective. Dual Station Kits are the components needed to link up and to control an engine from two positions. When choosing a ram or trying to come up with a tie rod for twin rudders, look for a ram with a SS ball joint instead of an old fashioned clevis.. Makes for a much better and easier install and can eliminate the “play” that usually comes with a clevis pin. But you should be aware that this is also the most expensive type of steering system that you are going to find, so you have to prepare your budget. Maybe the lobster boat that needs to pull upwards of 300 traps per day and really needs quick and extra easy steering?? Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + price match guarantee! On the other hand, a more traditional steering wheel arrangement using a 24 -30″ Diameter wheel is typically not easy to deal with when over 3-4 turns lock-to-lock. © 1980 - 2021 Seaboard Marine - All Rights Reserved, Complete Seawater Circuit Maintenance Kits, Cummins Graphite Turbo Charger to Exhaust Gasket & Bolt Kit, Complete Cummins Marine 6BTA 5.9 Upper End Gasket Kit, Aftercooler & Heat Exchanger Maintenance Kits, Early 6BTA 5.9 Diamond Hoses (1.5″ Raw Water Hoses), EnviroVent Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) Kits, Marine Silicone Exhaust 6″ x 8″ Reducing Hump Hose, Custom Marine Exhaust Design & Fabrication, Marine 316L SS 4 inch Pipe (4.5" OD) 90 Degree Elbow, Marine 316L Stainless Steel 4 inch Exhaust Pipe (4.5″ OD), SMX Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Mixer Kit, SMX Mechanical Engine Digital Display Kit, SMX J1939 SeaView Double Digital Display Kit, Glendinning Throttle & Shift Control Systems, ZF220A & ZF220V Shift Valve Lever Repair Kit, SMX Custom Exhaust Flange Kit for Cummins Engines, Borg Warner Velvet Drive to Cummins 5.9 HD Adapter Kit, Commercial Marine Hydraulic Pumps & Equipment, PetroWrap® Anti-Corrosion Tape (2 in. Last one. Hynautic (no longer as they were bought by Teleflex) invented the 3-line pressurized system for one reason—to make it simple to bleed and fill and to allow a less critical installation as to elevations of components, etc.. “gravity” was not a concern with the pressurized systems. Even a very small & inexpensive helm pump could turn a very big rudder on a large vessel quite easily (as long as one is willing to put up with enough turns “lock to lock” which is really where the mechanical advantage comes from), but this is not always a practical solution. Hyco, Hynautic Heavy Duty boat steering … 32. Bet you never thought about it that way before! Morse Change Over - A popular choice, but one which involves numerous components. 4 product ratings - Hydraulic Outboard Boat Steering Kit HK6400A-3 Marine Steering System Kit 300HP. 11-1/2, Vulkan Vulkardan-E Coupling (2K3411S004) SAE No. This is an all-in-one hydraulic steering kit for smaller outboards up to 150 horse power. Loop System - The most simple system! We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! There are some that think “pressurized” has something to do with power steering, but it does not. Most boats have either mechanical or hydraulic steering systems. What do we mean by 'Dual Station'? The first is generally inside the cabin, and the second often located on the flybridge of pleasure boats, or near the working location of commercial vessels. Hot Deals. More details On sale. The term 'Dual Station' refers to the control position (helm) of the craft. To change from one position to the other, the operator needs only to have both controls in the neutral position. That’s also why you can use clear vinyl tubing for supplying fluid between stations and or reservoirs.. Construction materials and base designs used in helm pumps can vary and there are many that have withstood the test of time. Arleigh Group, Century Park, Ballin Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV10 9GA. First we’ll talk about the basic components and how they work in the system (both “passive” & “power” or powers assisted steering) . Get the best deals for boat hydraulic steering kit at This is usually why most passive systems are hard to turn even at the dock, plus it is something that most, including many builders and seasoned operators that have been around for decades, have no clue about–This is caused by, in so many words, “poor plumbing” design– from small ID lines, lots of 90 degree elbows and little fittings, to using a high viscosity steering fluid and unneeded friction or binding of the rudder or other mechanical components. We’ll get to that later. Some commercial style vessels put a remote bottle high up on the mast tower to add some “head pressure” to the system.. Works really good. BoatSteeringAustralia. Hydraulic steering makes handling high-torque engines and high-speed boats easy and safe. Zeiger Performance has been manufacturing marine products for many years. There are even variable displacement pumps that vary the angle of the plate to change piston travel, thus the internal displacement of the pump.. Steering systems to suit major brands of Outboard Engines up to 300 Horsepower including Honda, Yamaha, Mercury, Suzuki, Nissan, Tohatsu, Selva, Zongshen, Evinrude, Johnson these hydraulic units are Interchangable with Seastar, Baystar boat hydraulic steering. (609801 or 609809, plus 609803 or 609804). The SeaStar Hydraulic Steering System is designed to provide that extra margin of muscle when needed and easily handles Outboard, Sterndrive and Inboard engines in boats up to 50 feet. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Seastar HK7500A-3 Boat Steering Hydraulic PRO Helm HH5770 Cylinder HC6345 300HP. We’ve been serving local Ventura County, California since 1980 as a custom boat builder, repower specialist, designer, and supplier of equipment to builders, commercial fishermen, and recreational users. Grab a bargain before they're gone! From working with power steering systems in marine applications for about three decades, one thing I have learned is that most smaller systems (maybe on 30-50 ft vessels) that I have come in contact with tend to be designed with too large of a power driven pump (too many GPM) in relation to what actually needs to be done, and the result is usually excess heat developing in the system, or the system is noisy (the pressure or flow bypass valves in the system are continually working making noise)…But, still a power assisted system can be the best choice for many applications where excessive force is required to turn the steering wheel or one needs very few turns ( maybe 2-3 max) from lock-to-lock on the steering wheel. or Best Offer. Choosing the right steering system for your boat depends on the size of the boat and the type (and size) of the motor. Looking to upgrade from a mechanical steering system? Boat Steering Systems How-Tos Learn About the Pros and Cons of Each Marine Steering System. If you were using a helm with this cylinder with a 2 cubic inch per revolution output, you’d have about 5.5 turns lock to lock.. Yes, you probably already understand hydraulic steering, but I think I may look at hydraulic steering a tad different than most do. Column of incompressible dual hydraulic steering for boats to move the boat in the exact same fashion hose
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